Telluride World Cup

Telluride World Cup
World Cup Canada 1st Place

Thursday, August 26, 2010

MTV Snow Jam

So yesterday I got to compete in the MTV snow jam at Thredbo the jump was a 70 foot gap jump with a run-in from halfway up the BX coarse the jump was awsome a bit sketchy but awsome you had to go as fast as you could so that you could make the transition after we go the speed right we started spinning, I got some front 3's, front 9's, and some backside rodeo's which felt awsome

FIS Junior Worlds

So after the ripcurl pro i flew to New Zealand for the FIS junior worlds, i was given the opportunity to for-run in Board-a-cross the coarse was awsome I got to for run with Nick Baumgartner (USA) 20th, Graham Watanabe (USA) 18th, Nate Holland (USA) 4th and Seth Wescott Gold Medallist from the Vancouver Olympics! it was so sick seeing the level of the riding going on and what i would have to do to be doing well in FIS races.

RIp Curl PRO Throw down

So yesterday i had the rip curl throw down which was so much fun we got to hit this sick gap jump with some pole jams and some boxes with a fireman in the gap my personal favourite was the plain jump which i got to throw some front 7's and some backside rodeo's which was so much fun, i even made $50 bucks for having the biggest stack of the night

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Race days

okay so for the last few days i have been competing in the continental cup at Mt Hotham.
It was my first ever FIS race and i thought it was so much fun the atmosphere was just amazing and the riding was amazing, i made it past the first round and came 3rd in my second round on both days which i thought was an accomplishment. now thats done i have 1 day of travel back to jindabyne fun days. :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Powder at Hotham

the last few days have been amazing there has been heaps of snow like almost 50cm's which was amazing .
On the first day i had a photo shoot with Steve Cuff which was amazing we had a hell of a lot of snow and we just found this untouched stash of snow.!
stay tuned for my next blog